Gestational Surrogates

By serving as a gestational surrogate, you provide an invaluable service to individuals unable to carry and deliver a baby.  Gestational surrogacy is made possible through advances in assisted reproductive technologies and collaborative reproduction.  A gestational surrogacy is typically achieved when the eggs of the intended mother are mixed with the sperm of the intended father, fertilized and finally implanted into the gestational surrogate.  The surrogate makes no genetic contribution to the child and solely carries and delivers the child through pregnancy.  A gestational surrogacy arrangement in Illinois can also be achieved utilizing donor eggs or donated sperm (though not both).

Despite the blessing of these medical advancements, not all states in the U.S. legally provide for this arrangement.  Illinois is one of the few states that has a gestational surrogacy statute which makes it a very hospitable venue to both gestational surrogates and intended parents.  It is imperative that you select a law firm both knowledgeable and licensed to practice law in Illinois to enable you to receive the full benefit of your arrangement.

Examination of all parties by physicians and a qualified mental health professional is necessary to confirm physical and emotional compatibility.

As gestational surrogates proceed with a gestational surrogacy arrangement, it is our goal to see that each surrogate is knowledgeable with respect to her rights and responsibilities.

At the Law Offices of Julie M. Tavoso, we provide the following services to gestational surrogates:

  • Advise the gestational surrogate as to her rights and responsibilities under the surrogacy arrangement
  • Prepare and/or review and negotiate the gestational surrogacy agreement
    between the gestational surrogate and the matching agency
  • Prepare, negotiate and review the agreement between the gestational surrogate and the intended parents under the gestational surrogacy arrangement.

There are many issues to consider when participating in a surrogacy arrangement, such as medical and insurance costs, childcare costs, expenses related to a typical pregnancy and the possibility of a multiple pregnancy.

If you are interested in becoming a gestational surrogate, please contact us for a prompt and discreet referral to a reputable agency to assist you.