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Intended Parents

Working with you to help you understand your legal rights, and to guide you through the process of intended parenting

Intended Parents

Infertility can be one of the most difficult and stressful challenges facing anyone trying to conceive a child.  Julie Tavoso is deeply committed to providing legal assistance to intended parents with both empathy and discretion.  As you consider the various alternatives available to you through the use of assisted reproductive technologies, the firm provides counseling and assistance to ensure that you fully understand your legal rights and obligations, as well as the options available for creating a family.

Compassionate Legal Care

Whether you are a potential intended parent considering the use of donor eggs, the services of a gestational surrogate or some other type of collaborative arrangement, you will be guided through the legal process with the utmost care and compassion.  Our goal is to ensure that each intended parent is knowledgeable with respect to their rights and responsibilities.

At the Law Offices of Julie M. Tavoso, we provide the following services to intended parents:

  • Advising each intended parent as to his/her rights and responsibilities under their selected arrangement (egg donor, gestational surrogate or other collaborative arrangement)
  • Prepare and/or review and negotiate the agreement between the intended parents
    and the matching agency (if applicable)
  • Draft, negotiate and/or review the agreement between the intended parents and
    their donor or gestational surrogate
  • Draft and review parentage agreements or consent forms in advance of fertility treatments
  • Prepare and file certification forms in a gestational surrogacy arrangement prior to the birth of a child

There are many issues to consider when participating in any collaborative reproduction arrangement, such as parentage, medical and insurance costs, embryo disposition and liability.

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infertility treatments in Illinois:


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Kevin Feeney

Julie Tavoso is very knowledgeable on IVF law and she successfully guided me through the IVF process, which resulted in the birth of my amazing little boy. Julie is very responsive, compassionate and pleasant to work with, and she remains a valuable member of my IVF team.

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Hamilton Hill

We have worked with Julie on a few matters over the years. We have always found her to be knowledgeable, caring, responsive and effective. She is a hard worker and pays attention to the details. We highly recommend Julie, and we have recommended her to a number of friends who needed a lawyer who specializes in the areas that Julie does.

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Laura Adrian

I highly recommend the Law Offices of Julie Tavoso. She is smart, thoughtful, caring, and most importantly, gets the job done. You are in great hands working with Julie!